Our positive experience with EV-comply is a testament to how they really value their clients.

They took the time to understand our business needs, offering professional advice and recommendations for the appropriate options to meet our requirements. The service is excellent with extensive communication throughout. Any concerns or issues are addressed promptly and accurately to the satisfaction of all our workforce (field, helpdesk and management).

The mobile app option combined with the cost effectiveness and support services offered by EV-comply made it easy for us to make a decision on who to use for our business.

Steve Wright

Head of Operations, Car Charged UK

Hi Steve, Jim & Jordan

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your help and support over these last few months. Considering the challenges we and everyone else have had to face in these uncertain times makes you realise and appreciate how important it is to have the support of your supply chain around you.

On behalf of everyone at Engage EV, I can honestly say, due to the simplicity of your EV-comply platform has enabled us the time to concentrate on other areas of the business rather than just the EV administration process. Your attention to detail in covering off everything required around the OLEV grant is second to none.

I would highly recommend EV-comply to any new or existing EV installer looking for a solution that will save them time and money and have been more than satisfied with the service and software solution you have provided us.

I wish you all every success now and in the future.

Dean Murray

Head of Operations - Engage EV

EV-comply has improved our customer experience at the initial lead stage as our old online form was prone to crashing with large photos from customers and not always updating to include the latest vehicles. Our admin team appreciates being able to access all the customer details and survey information in one place and it has replaced 3 different software platforms (Google docs/ Formstack/Salesforce) for managing the customer process.

Our installers appreciate the extra info on the knowledge base, but not having to send pics by email or whatsapp has been the biggest improvement for them. We've been doing OLEV submissions since 2015, so we had a pretty slick system before, but now EV-comply just helps that little bit more to reduce the chance of rejections and errors.


Director - Jorro Ltd

Our EV installations have always been industry leading, but unfortunately our OLEV paperwork has not. For years we struggled with the burden and headaches of OLEV and compliance documentation, with many OLEV claims rejected due to paperwork irregularities and discrepancies. Even with the increase in EV vehicles and installations we considered was EV and OLEV really for us?

We were introduced to Stephen and Jordan at EV-comply and they set aside time to passionately demonstrate the software and it’s capabilities, I instantly realised the benefits this would bring and overnight our whole approach to EV installations changed for the better.

We now use EV-comply for all our EV installations, OLEV or direct funded because EV-comply is a complete turn-key solution. From capturing the customer information at the start of the enquiry right through to OLEV submission. Following the EV-comply process, you just cannot go wrong. It is extremely powerful and prompts and captures all the information and evidence required to produce a fully compliant EV installation in very little time.

EV-comply has given us the confidence to now continually drive and invest in our EV installations without the worry of hours of backend paperwork.

We no longer fear OLEV installations as you can complete the entire installation and sign-off at the client site without the needs for additional visits or paperwork.

In three months we have successfully delivered more EV installations than the past 3 years, and our EV enquiries and installation grow week upon week.

Now that we are EV-comply clients, we wouldn’t use anything else.

Darren Crannis

Managing Director, CTS Electrical Services.

As I was new to the EV market, I was somewhat daunted by the amount of paperwork and evidence required to qualify for the OLEV grant.

EV-comply was the perfect solution! With a simple platform and app, you could work through the process, collating the required information as you go, literally saving hours of admin time before and after the install.

In addition, the support offered by the staff is unrivalled. Fast to respond to any queries, to maximise the user experience.

David McTurk

DWM Electrical Ltd

As a company we had installed EV chargers for a while but were thinking of stopping because of challenges with the grant application process.

Then we came across EV-comply.

Their team took us through their app which is very simple to use.

It significantly cuts down on the amount of paperwork required and makes the whole application process far more straight forward and simple.

Would definitely recommend!



Although our company is new to EV-comply, we have quickly realised how much more streamlined now the paperwork side of the OLEV claims has become.

Using EV-comply has enabled us to hugely compact our time spent doing the claim forms, and virtually have all the claim process done while we are still on site at the end of the install. The easy check system is very beneficial to quickly see what has been missed. We have used the help and support facility on a number of occasions, and have found this to be extremely useful, with the team more than happy to help at any time, with questions or problems we have had.

Thoroughly recommend EV-comply to any others thinking of using this system.

Kevin Turnbull

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