The EV Weekly Round Up - Episode 03

Posted by Jordan Reynolds on 04/12/2020

2020: the year of the EV

Posted by Luke Osborne, ECA energy and emerging technologies solutions advisor on 01/12/2020

2020 was predicted to be the year of the Electric Vehicle (EV). When COVID-19 came along, few expected that prediction to hold true. Remarkably, it did, and EV sales boomed.

September 2020 figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) showed that since September 2019, sales of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) increased by 165.4 per cent, resulting in a market share of 5.4 per cent compared to 1.3 per cent in 2019.

This is impressive growth, to the detriment of petrol and diesel vehicle sales which have been in steady decline – not least because of the ongoing pandemic.

Vehicle Data


The move from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to battery electric vehicles (BEVs) is crucial for the UK to meet its commitment to Net Zero Carbon 2050. Originally, the sale of ICE vehicles was set to be banned from 2040, but the government has recently announced that this will be brought forward to 2030. This may seem rapid, but evidence shows that there is very little time to mitigate against the effects of climate change.

EVs come of age

Hurdles for EV adoption are gradually being overcome. ‘Range anxiety’, for one, is already a thing of the past: the range of many new EVs exceeds 250 miles per charge, while average daily mileage is between 20 and 30 miles.

A wider variety of EVs are now available, and with choice comes affordability. The number of public chargepoints available for use is also steadily increasing and there are now more publicly available charge points than petrol stations. These numbers are only set to increase, with many more rapid chargers being deployed every month in the UK.

In the main, the 60 per cent of the population with access to off-street parking will likely charge their cars at home. Deployment of home electric vehicle chargepoints (EVCPs) is increasing exponentially, in line with the BEV sales. This has been aided by the OLEV funded Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), which currently provides up to £350 of funding towards EVCP installations. The chargers must be of a type approved and featured on the OLEV register and must be smart-enabled to allow remote operation and timed charging. This in turn allows users to utilise Time of Use (ToU) tariffs.

Whilst the OLEV scheme is great for the end-user and results in more work for installers, the submissions process for installers to receive funding has been notoriously convoluted. Many claims were reportedly declined by OLEV for minor or even non-existent errors on forms. This has resulted in a number of installers waiting months for payments to come through.

The EV-Comply app provides a great solution to this problem. It allows installers to insert all the requisite information into the app, along with survey and installation photographs required for OLEV. EV-comply then creates a complete submission document for the installer to submit at the end of the month.

As well as having built-in links to manufacturer information and guidance, EV-Comply even creates a bespoke information pack for the customer at the end of the installation. Knowing of the pain that some of ECA’s Members have been through with the OLEV process, and hearing their positive feedback for EV-Comply, it is fair to say that this is a solution that will help make their lives easier, reduce time spent on lengthy application forms, and result in compliant installations.

The EV Weekly Round Up - Episode 02

Posted by Jordan Reynolds on 27/11/2020

The EV Weekly Round Up - Episode 01

Posted by Jordan Reynolds on 19/11/2020

Best Value Efficiency. For Installers, By Installers.

Posted by Stephen Smith on 18/11/2020

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is here.

EV-comply was created to make your next charge point installation easier than ever before.

With nearly 40,000 electric vehicles joining UK roads in 2019, EV charge point installers need new ways to enhance how they deliver services in a rapidly growing industry.

This is where EV-comply comes in.

With unrivalled customer support and using the latest smart technology to create user-friendly mobile and desktop applications, the experienced team at EV-comply has pioneered a unique system to assist with grant applications, follow up on leads, organise surveys or schedule charge point installations.

Don’t let customers go without the incentives they deserve.

Working in partnership with installers, EV-comply facilitates the collection of job evidence and submission documents in line with the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) grant guidelines.

With EV-comply, you and your business can help power the EV revolution and join a new global revenue stream transforming the automotive market.

Go paperless. Streamline your processes. Save the planet.

EV-comply is fully committed to eliminating the requirement for any data sensitive paperwork or unnecessary printing.

By vastly accelerating the time spent on admin and compliance, EV charge point installers can focus on delivering a first-class service to their domestic or commercial customers.

We can help you power the future.

EV-comply is not just about guiding field operatives through OLEV compliancy. A quality, expert installation for end customers remains crucial as more people invest in electric vehicles for their next car. Implementing EV-comply into your daily operations will help improve your business in many ways, such as...

  • Automating the customer journey and freeing up key administration processes by securing leads and customer enquiries instantly.
  • Assigning appointments including surveys and installations direct to an operative’s mobile or tablet device.
  • Checking live progress of surveys and installations efficiently with the use of EV-comply’s helpful app and desktop platforms.
  • Capturing on the fly images and videos during both survey and installation stages.
  • Ensuring seamless OLEV compliance by automatically generating an ‘Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme’ installation form, with acquired customer signatures, photographic evidence and other crucial information.
  • Automating all submission bundle generation, saving many hours in administration time.
  • Offering instant access to charge point installation guides, datasheets, user manuals and helpful inapp videos while on-site, thanks to EV-comply’s manufacturer-endorsed Knowledge Base.

Progress is gained by sharing knowledge.

In an innovative tech industry, having the right information to hand makes all the difference. Founded by a former electrician, EV-comply understands how frustrating it is to be called out to an installation, only to find an issue with the equipment or encountering a new charge point product.

With EV-comply’s ground-breaking learning platform and Knowledge Base, field operatives will have total access to key information including the latest product guides, specifications and technical manuals available to download, so that whether they are online or offline, installers will always be supported, whatever the product.

Offering the right support forges the best partnerships.

You can also share that knowledge with your customers too. Once an installation is completed, a customisable digital job completion pack is then generated to send to your customer, meaning they can access all the relevant information regards their new installation and view or download any user guides or troubleshooting documents instantly.

A whole new level of customer and technical support.

Following on from the hugely successful Knowledge Base feature, EV-comply has designed and developed yet another industry-first solution.

Introducing a video-call ‘Help & Support’ system that can be easily accessed directly within the EV-comply app means, users can now speak via in-app video directly to EV-comply’s support team to quickly resolve any issues. This facility will also be extended to participating manufacturer tech support teams too, giving installers the ability to stay connected with their support teams ‘virtually’ on-site where required.

The EV revolution is here.

With the market share of electric cars set to hit 15% in 2021*, it doesn’t just take a bright spark to see that now is the time to ensure you do not get left behind. Let EV-comply simplify and automate your processes, so you can concentrate on powering up the nation...

“The best value software on the market- work smarter with EV-comply”.

Interested to learn more about how EV-comply can benefit your business? Get in touch today! Drop us an email at or call 0161 817 5236.


The EV revolution

is here...

With the market share of electric cars set to hit 15% in 2021, it doesn’t just take a bright spark to see that now is the time to ensure you do not get left behind.

Let EV-comply simplify and automate your processes, so you can concentrate on powering up the nation... Work smarter with EV-comply.

Interested to learn more about how EV-comply can benefit your business?

Get in touch today!

0161 817 5236